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Northern Beaches Interventional Radiology News

Dr Shaun Quigley is committed to creating awareness of minimally invasive treatments for a range of conditions. Read the latest in patient care and advancements in interventional radiology here.

Living with Adenomyosis: Managing Symptoms and Improving Quality of Life

24 July 2023

Adenomyosis is a gynecological condition where the cells that normally line the uterus grow into...

The Role of Diet and Lifestyle in Managing Adenomyosis

11 July 2023

In recent years, growing attention has been given to the impact of diet and lifestyle on various...

The Link Between Adenomyosis And Endometriosis - What You Need to Know

28 June 2023

Living with a uterine condition can create a number of challenges. It’s important that you...

Is Interventional Radiology Right for You? A Comprehensive Guide to Making an Informed Decision

13 June 2023

If you or a loved one is facing a medical condition that might require surgical intervention, you...

Minimally Invasive Procedures for Managing Chronic Pelvic Pain in Women

29 May 2023

Chronic pelvic pain is a debilitating condition that significantly affects the quality of life for...

Fibroids and Pregnancy: Risks and Management

15 May 2023

Fibroids can be a concern during pregnancy because they can cause a range of complications,...

A Guide to Living with Varicoceles

1 May 2023

Living with varicoceles can be challenging and overwhelming, especially if you don't know much...

Examining the Relationship Between Varicoceles and Testosterone

17 April 2023

Do varicoceles impact testosterone levels? Do men with varicoceles have lower testosterone? Can...

A Simple Guide to a Healthy, Happy Day

20 March 2023

Despite what you may see on Instagram each day, success for most people is relatively simple.

The Pros and Cons of Minimally Invasive Surgery for BPH

6 March 2023

What is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia? BPH, or benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a non-cancerous...